Piece of mind for all. We adhere to the following:

Were full members of the Shito Ryu Shukokai World Union 

Our Instructors are fully insured

Our Instructors are real time served Black Belts
Our Instructors are qualified to teach karate
Our Instructors are first aid trained

Our Instructors  are enhanced CRB / DBS checked every 12 months

Safeguarding policy

Ken Shu Dojo Traditional Karate is a center of excellence

Sensei Daz is a certified Self defence instructor ( having a black belt and teaching classes does not qualify people to teach this skill set its a seperate qualification )

Insure for sports Public liability and indemnity specalists for 

Martial arts Instructors and Fitness based instructors  

We are fully covered 


Try a taster class for free!
to beginners and restarters

Fancy trying something new? Why not try the many benefits of Ken Shu Dojo  Karate training can offer with a couple of  taster  classes free of charge, yes FREE!

Then if you want to continue we Will offer you 4 weeks unlimited training Membership to our national govening body with a years free insurance  a Karate Suit   and your first Grading all for £29.99 


You can pay per class / month but all members must purchase membership to our National Govening Karate body and as members you get your Insurance to train , annual cost £15.00 

Beginners and restarters ages 5 - 75+ welcome.

See our class timetable
Don't depend on the enemy not coming; Depend rather on being ready for him.
Sun Tzu