Membership (Including free insurance to train)

Association membership is needed on completion of 9th Kyu (red belt). This is a yearly premium and costs £20.00 for a new membership and £15.00 for every renewal there after (includes your grading  passport booklet and Member-to-Member Association Insurance).

Please note that you lose insurance cover the moment your association membership lapses. If you train without association membership you train uninsured and you therefore become personally liable for any claims made against you should you accidentally injury another student. So always make sure your association membership is up to date for total piece of mind.

Late renewals and lost booklet incur an admin charge of £5.00. Late membership renewal will be back dated.

Class subs

Beginners and restarters across all classes " unless were running a promotion " .  You may pay for each lesson seperately or we offer a huge discount when club subs are paid a week or month in advance.   * Classes from as little as £1.44  #PayMonthly *    Profit reinvested in the  club upkeep or for new equipment, we also give to our chosen charity when funds allow.

We operate 3 membership tiers 

Gold ( Pay Monthly unlimited training including Karatabata and axcess to the members area of the web site )  £32 PCM  

Silver ( Pay Weekly at the start of the week )  £ 10 pwr Week 

Bronze ( Pay as you Train )  £ 6 per class 



Ex-licensed members wanting to return to training can do so with ease  renew your Licence for only £15.00   to rekindle your love for karate. 


Club gradings / exams

9th Kyu (red belt) £20.00
8th Kyu (yellow belt) £20.00
7th Kyu (orange belt) £20.00
6th Kyu (green belt) £20.00
5th Kyu (blue belt) £20.00
4th Kyu (purple belt) £20.00
3rd Kyu (brown belt) £25.00
2nd Kyu (brown belt) £25.00
1st Kyu (brown belt) £25.00
All Dan grades (black belt) £60.00
Little Warrior grades £15.00

All gradings include a belt and certification.


Basic Karate Gi (suit) £16.50 (depending on size)
Heavyweight Karate Gi (14-16oz) Please speak to our club admin
Basic cotton Hand and Shin & Instep protection (bought as a pair) £15.00
Premium Hand and Shin & Instep protection (bought as a pair) £35.00
Groin Guard £6.00
Gum Shield £3.00
Embroidered Club Badge £5.00
Spare Belt £4.00

Outdoor ware

We have teamed up with a local supplier who offer a great range of clothing including:

  • Hoodies
  • Polo shirts
  • Coats
  • Beenie hats

All are embroidered with our club logo. If you require any speak to our club admin.

Get in touch to try a class
beginners and re starters

Info on Offers and classes coming soon  

Covid 19 Notice 

Due to social distancing and class sizes limited in numbers we are offering limited places in classes for new members and re starts 

Fancy trying something new? Why not try the many benefits of Ken Shu Dojo  Karate training can offer with  check back soon for info 

Beginners and restarters ages 7 - 75+ welcome.

See our class timetable
A black belt is a white belt that never gave up.