October 19


Always difficult to sum up a competitive weekend due to a multiple of emotions , but this weekend i Saw Ksd come of age , lets back track ...
for 10 years i developed this squad from a group of novices totally .. to champions nationally european and world .. as life goes we know when its time for change and in May 2019 i announced my retirement from Squad and unbeknown to Sensei James Coletrup and Brad Kay i announced them as Squad coaches " thankfully they accepted after all they had been by my side developing the squad as part of the team aswell as our " then " fitness coach Madalin Stanculescu " who also needs thanking ! .. last year we did well across all competitive structures , this year even better ... so for this weekend " back on track " .. We Qualified back in January for members to become part of the WKC Team England 2019 for there World Championships .. firstly i will say the standard of the competition surpassed the same event from last year , i was really impressed ... talking to Sensei James n Brad and constant reported form Shidoin Mandy re the Kumite i know that was really good and thank you to Sensei Tom  & Rick  for there refereeing !! ....
The Kata over 2 days was insanely busy and again the competitive nature off the scale across all forms and disciplines , was a pleasure to judge you all ..
Back to the Ksd guys , we had elation , we had tears , we had disappointment but the way you handled all was 1st class , your coaches were world class and you parents amazing a team really united as one !! , thank you to the photographers allowing me to see the whole day as i was judging ..
Now just because i retired from squad does not mean ive taken my eye off the ball never gona happen sensei J & B know that  ..
but enough i am pleased to say we smashed last year's Worlds medal count across both Kumite and Kata with
8 Gold Medals , 6 Silver ,5 Bronze .


Can I say how pleased of the #village_gym_bury guys in class today it was assessment / grade day , all members doing as asked to the best if there own personal ability “ remember do not judge your own ability or the ability of a child based on your own ability as no two people are alike !! “ , well done to
Kajal villlage gym karate lv1 assistant .
Shayna Pre Dan
Vanessa 1st kyu
Charlie 2nd kyu
Noah 7th kyu
Gracie 7th kyu
Ethan 7th kyu
Patrixia 8th kyu
Moiz 9th kyu
Alisha’s 9th kyu
Performance of the grade award , really impressed with Charlie these last few weeks !!

As we approach Bully awareness month , we at the #Ken_Shu_Dojo cover all aspects of bullying , including not being or becoming a bully .. 

the 1st class of the month was run by Sensei Brad and a fab job he did too , all members interacting getting involved with the Chat 



October saw a night that will go down in the KSD Karate history books 

Sensei Rebecca Paga a founder member of the club taught her 1st class as a stand alone instructor 

A fantastic enjoyable class it was too !!  , all members really enjoying it . 


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